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Modular On-Site Office Rentals

Our Modular Office Rental fleet consists of 20' x 8' x 8'6"

office units that can be connected in many different configurations and layouts to meet a diverse customer base's temporary office space needs. 

Main Office + Back Office (C-Suites)

This layout style features a side door unit to act as the front office for foot traffic, as well as 3 back office units (b-suite / c-suite style). 


2-Room 40ft Connex Footprint

This layout features the same use case as our 40ft Connex Office units. 



Modular offices make temporary office rentals easy. Plug in an extra office like you would any appliance with a simple 120v plug-in. (Multi-unit configurations may require additional power)


Easy 120v electric plug in service.  


All metal construction.


Flexible layout plans for personalized service

rent a mobile office
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